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Quint Cafe

323 Victoria street
T: 9429 1665

Move over 3 bags full! There is a new place in Abbotsford with exceptional food and great service without a 30 minute wait at the door. Situated on busy Victoria street, the only downside to eating here is finding parking close by. A non issue if you are taking a tram as there is a stop right in front with frequent services.


With retro chic decor and  funky art, the place is quintessentially hipster without trying too hard. Yet still family friendly with spacious interiors and a comfortable waiting area where you can sip coffee if there is a wait. And it is definitely worth having a cup or two of their house blend over breakfast, especially when it’s your first cup back in Melbourne after being away.


Although I always want to try something new I tend to order an old favourite when hungry to avoid disappointment. On this particular morning I was starving and needed a large meal before D and I headed over to Ikea. So I ordered the corn and zucchini fritters with poached eggs, avocado salsa, tangy tomato relish and smoked salmon. Just delicious, nothing else left to say. They have perfected this dish with the right balance of  sweet, sour and savoury.


D also went with a favourite of his, quinoa porridge with almonds, honey and banana. Creamy rich flavours without being overwhelming.


4/5 Bites

Price $

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