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Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane
T: 9600 4054


Best bagels in Melbourne and it seems everyone already knows!  Once down the alley to Manchester Press you will usually find a wait at the door, however with such a quick turn over of patrons you shouldn’t be waiting too long. The staff are incredibly friendly and highly efficient too; making sure people have a lovely experience inside yet mindful that people outside aren’t waiting too long for a table to be cleared and seated.


D and I headed there after one of my night shifts to have an early breakfast (dinner for me) and after a 30min wait we were finally inside. They had done a great job of turning this former warehouse into a rustic, casual yet quite sophisticated cafe and managed to keep the draft out too. Large sketches of a few ‘melburnian’ persona’s hung off large canvases and the tables appeared to be old seamstress, woodwork and craftsmen benches.


While we waited in anticipation of our famous bagels I sipped on chai latte (I didn’t want caffeine) served with honey while D had his regular latte. Stealing a sip of his coffee I instantly wished I had ordered the same. It was deliciously nutty yet smooth and reminded me of a blend served at St. Ali’s. Turns out the coffee is from 8oz coffee company and they have another cafe like this in Elsternwick.


The bagels themselves did not disappoint and we devoured each sizable portion. The tuna and mayo whole grain bagel with jalapenos and melted cheese had a great combination of salty savoury tuna filling with a much needed spicy bite to cut through the richness.



My favourite remains their  fruit bagel topped with a generous serving of mixed berry mascarpone, fresh strawberries and pistachio dust. Just yum! Must try this sweet creation and share with others (only if you can’t finish it on your own).

Apart from waiting for a table (which is only an issue if you are stretched for time) there is nothing I can fault with this is place. Incredibly tasty, affordable food with great coffee, what more could you want.

5/5 Bites

Price $

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