97 Errol Street
North Melbourne
T: 9329 0693

Just two doors down from one of my all time favourites (Auction Rooms) is Fandango; a quaint little cafe on errol street with a whole lot of charm. Not sure if preserved foods or pickles are a theme here but they feature all over the menu and the place is decorated with an assortment of jars of what I assumed were home made chutneys.


The coffee was perfection, in both appearance and taste, using a blend from Supreme coffee.



I was famished when I tried this place and so went with the house burger with home made pickles and tomato relish of course. The dinner plate pictured above is normal size and the burger is actually that big…so it’s safe to say I was completely full half way through eating it! All in all a great burger with a juicy patty with melted stringy cheese, crisp lettuce and that much needed tanginess from the pickles. Wonderful meal for sure, but can’t say its the best burger I have had in Melbourne.


Should definitely come for the coffee and stay for the quirky warm atmosphere

2/5 Bites

Price $$

Fandango on Urbanspoon

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