116 Lygon Street
Brunswick East
T: 9388 8255


There are not  many choices for Middle Eastern cuisine in Melbourne that fit somewhere between your local take away doner kebab and the fine dining experiences of ‘Maha’. Rumi has been my saviour during the times I have wanted to enjoy the very best authentic cuisine in a romantic atmosphere without having to fuss over reservations or give my credit card a workout. Located on the brunswick end of Lygon street, Rumi is named after the great 13th century  Persian poet and celebrates food & wine from the area with a modern twist.


The menu is designed to be shared and has a selection of small to large dishes. Usually a couple of small dishes, couple of medium dishes and one larger item is a perfect combination for 2 people. Spiced school prawns with tahini sauce, not pictured, are a must try and I warn are highly addictive. Persian meatballs (pictured above) are also a favourite of mine. Exceptionally flavourful and tender from being slow cooked in a tomato saffron sauce. The richness best complimented with a fresh shaved cabbage salad, soused onions, raisons and almonds (pictured above).


Lamb shish kebab with labne (yoghurt).


Rice Pilaf with spring onion and chives; one of the tastiest pilaf’s I have ever tried, my mum’s included.


Almond milk pudding with sour cherries and pistachios; kind of a middle eastern panna cotta though with a more grainy texture and less sweetness. Other sweet options included baklava and turkish delight of course.


Food aside the service at Rumi is one of the best which is no wonder it was recently awarded the best specialty restaurant in the nation for service & catering excellence. The bill is presented with chewing gum from Lebanon, very different from your traditional mint so worth a try though not maybe to everyones taste.

5/5 Bites

Price $$

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