Maedaya Sake and Grill

400 Bridge road
T: 9428 3918


I love Japanese food, so when I learnt of a sake and grill bar in Richmond I couldn’t wait to try it. And Maedaya did not disappoint. When we walked in we were greeted “Youkoso irasshai mashita” (Welcome) by friendly staff and I felt like I had been transported to a sake bar in Tokyo city.  Inside the walls were decorated with large ship ropes from floor to ceiling, patrons sat along the bar watching the sake master at work while chefs were busy at an open grill frying skewers.


Maedaya kept the surprises coming with their Menu on an ipad, just ingenious. You can place your orders directly to the kitchen and/or bar in your own time. Just make sure you pace yourself as it’s very easy, as I found, to get click happy and order more than you can eat. The menu is broken up into tapa style small dishes to more larger main plates along with a selection of sushi and sashimi. Perfect for sharing a meal with company or for just having nibbles while you drink.


Hot miso soup with friend tofu croutons hit the spot on a cold winter evening, while their crunchy prawn karage (to be eaten whole) was finger licking good.

As a sake house Maedaya had an abundant selection of sake and wines lined up along the wall, I chose my favourite plum wine to accompany my supper. Plum wine is very different from any wine you may have tried, it’s sweet fruity and incredibly smooth, just delicious if you ask me.


Their chicken gyoza (Japanese dumplings) are some of the best I have had and I highly recommend them.


D was a big fan of their spicy soy marinated Salmon which was served with Japanese mayo and dried chilli.


The sizzling plate of miso chicken was my favourite; great flavour and tender chicken pieces with fresh vegies.


Calamari rings with sweet chilli and mayo.

An entertaining dinner experience, whether you come with friends or by yourself.

3/5 Bites

Price $

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