Carlton Espresso

326 Lygon street
T: 9347 8482

Part of the D.O.C family, Carlton Espresso is my favourite Italian restaurant on Lygon Street hands down. There coffee is always fantastic, the atmosphere is very relaxed and the place is buzzing with people who share meals on long communal tables. Having said that, all of the D.O.C restaurants are exceptional and expanding to new locations like Mornington  it seems.

It was the perfect place to meet up with girlfriends, H and MR, after work for a casual dinner.

photo (9)

 H and I happened to get there a little earlier than MR and while sipping on our drinks a waiter brought over a tasting platter courtesy of the house. It was a lovely gesture and we got to nibble on tasty olives, crumbly cheese and gourmet crackers.

photo (8)

Italian beer and lemon ice tea.

photo (10)

MR had the farro salad with rocket, vegetable and fresh ricotta.

photo (12)

The lasagne at Carlton Espresso is one of my favourites, using fresh pasta and generous layers of beef bolognese.

photo (11)

H had her favourite dish too, the spaghetti pomodoro with san marzano tomato and fresh bazil.

4/5 Bites

Price $

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