Level 1, 11 Collins street
T: 9650 3821


As a hotspot for trendy Melburnians on any night, Mamasita has firmly established itself as one of the top restaurants in town. Suggesting to go there on a ‘Monday night’ for dinner and drinks, with old uni friends N and S, still didn’t save us from the unavoidable wait time for a table. Like alot of popular new restaurants you can’t book ahead and waiting along a narrow stairway, while patrons that are leaving squeeze by you,  is not very pleasant. 

Luckily we were only waiting for 15 mins and once seated the overall experience of the evening was marvellous.  The wait staff were friendly and made great suggestions for what to order however, at times difficult to get a hold of which is the downside of dining somewhere so busy.

photo (3)

Apart from Mamasita Margarita’s, we sipped on a bizarre cocktail that tasted like it had been made from Tabasco sauce and was garnished with a cooked prawn.

photo (2)

There was only one item on the menu I insisted we had to try, the famous “street style” chargrilled corn aka elotes callejeros that I had heard so much about. And we all agreed it definitely lived up to the hype. Sweet corn on the cob covered in salty, sharp grated cheese and mexican spices (possibly paprika and cummin) finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. Absolutely delicious!

photo (1)

photo (4)

Tostaditas with de Cangrejo – fried tortilla chips that have different toppings. We chose to have topped with crab, avocado and tamarind mayonnaise. Very tasty but a little too pricey for the size of the dish. 

photo (5)

From the selection of tacos we each chose either the steak with refried beans or the braised ox tongue and cheek (above) which was the clear winner for best tasting.

photo (7)

Mole negro con pollo – confit chicken with “black mole” caught our attention and on further enquiry it turned out the black mole was a sticky chocolate sauce. I thought this dish would be more exciting and flavourful, in reality it was quite bland and heavy.

photo (6)

Salmon ahumado casero – hickory smoked salmon with ancho glaze. A great dish complemented by broken rice (or so we suspect) and a delicious sticky glaze. Salmon was also cooked to perfection.

Definitely will be coming back to Mamasita again, sooner rather than later (still dreaming about their corn on the cob!!).

4/5 Bites

Price $$

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