559 Barkly St
West Footscray
T : 9689 4175

It’s not like D to recommend a place to eat, usually he prefers to go somewhere I pick, so I was pleasantly surprised when he insisted we try this Indian restaurant friends from his work recommended.

The place was not very far from where I usually work which was another surprise to me as I had already sought out the best places to eat near there. Aangan was situated at the top of a row of Indian restaurants down the west end of Barkly street.

photo (2)

The moment we stepped inside the smell of spices, the commotion of diners and the bustle of wait staff hit us. All the tables were taken even though it was a week night and initially we were worried if we would even get a seat.

The wait staff were very attentive, seating us a table that had just freed up and I appreciated they didn’t leave us waiting by the door for long. The menu was mainly north Indian cuisine with a few south Indian dishes. I was impressed by the number of vegetarian dishes and everything that came out of the kitchen looked and smelt delicious. At one point I had to ask the patrons at the table next to us what they were having for us to try next time.


We had ordered the Tawa chicken and the Lamb Korma with butter naans. The Tawa was a dish I had not seen on the menu of other Indian restarants I had been before. It was essentially grilled chicken with capsicum served on a hot plate and was quite spicy. The Korma had a very rich and creamy cashew nut gravy and we struggled to finish the dish. Their tandoori oven must be very good as the naan bread was perfectly fluffy yet crunchy on the outside.

photo (1)

I had wanted to save room for dessert as I love Indian sweets when done right however the curries were very filling. Although the meal was tasty and we could definitely see why the local Indians kept coming back we found the food a bit too heavy for this to become our regular curry house.

1/5 Bites

Price $

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